Authentic Café & Restaurant at the foot of the Mont Ventoux

L'Auberge Provençale in Crillon le Brave

We are pleased to inform you that the restaurant will reopen on Saturday April the 8th. 


We will be open for lunch, unless on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.  For dinner we are closed on Tuesday evening. 


The kitchen is open from noon to 2 pm and from 7 pm to 9 pm.


The staff 

Route de Saint Pierre de Vassols

Quartier du Pont

84410 Crillon le Brave



+33(0)4 90 65 66 42

L'Auberge Provençale

Route de Saint Pierre de Vassols

Pont de Crillon

84 410 Crillon le Brave


Tel 04 90 65 66 42